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Friday, November 23, 2012

Avoiding the crowds...

No...our tree isn't up yet...but soon.  This sweet pic is last year, just after Sunny came to live with us in her forever home.  Such temptation for a kitty who had lived in a cage for months.  She was good, though...and only stole some soft ornaments we hang at the bottom of our tree for that very purpose.
There is no going out to the malls for us again this year.  Been there...done that.  Santa DID do a bit of shopping for me...in an Etsy shop...he knows what I like.
Maybe you want to avoid the crowds...and the cheap foreign made merchandise that is so prevalent these days.  Etsy shops are certainly the way to go.  Or shop on Saturday at small local shops to support Small Business Saturday. 
Here are some of MY favorite Etsy shops...
My friend Kimber has some very cute items in her shop, Kimberiginal.  I especially love her new candy box mini books...I have one like this:
These books are perfect for stocking stuffers & for keeping your lists & notes handy...they fit right into your purse or tote bag. 

My friend Gabriela is an extremely talented jewelry artist who lives in Mexico City.  Her wonderful Etsy shop is MariayLaLuna...and here is just one of her gorgeous pieces...

Gabriela has been designing & casting silver pieces that are amazing.  Here is your chance to gift someone special with an original jewelry piece or two...and maybe YOU deserve a treat, too. 

Maybe you want some great items from Hawaii...I can help you out there, too.  My friend Cris has a lovely Etsy shop called Crispart.  Enjoy a bit of Aloha...and if Santa wants to set this bracelet under my tree...I'd LOVE it!
It reminds me of the Pacific Ocean & my beloved sunny Southern California...where I would much rather be than here in NE Ohio.  Santa LOVES the sunshine & warm breezes, too!

One more for today...ChristineHansenGlass.  Chris is an extremely talented lampwork glass artist.  I'm currently in love with her Calla Lily beads...
...but I also love her tulip beads & just about everything in her shop. 
Of course...my own shop...KittenCreates...is always open to help you with your holiday shopping.  I added some pretty Hanukkah bracelets today...and I have lots of special Christmas ornaments just waiting to add a bit of cheer to your tree. 
Shop Handmade this year...it's much more fun than those crowds at the mall!


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  1. DEBBIE!!!!

    Thank you so much for including my calla lily bead in your post - I'm honored to be among such talented artists!

    (and I hope Santa Baby brings you everything on your list!)

    xoxo, c


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