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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mr. Jingeling

I think we need to get our Christmas tree up this weekend.  I'm feeling the need to decorate early this year.  The pic above is a part of our tree from last Christmas...and shows a Cleveland OH Christmas icon..."Mr. Jingeling....Keeper of the Keys...on Halle's Seventh Floor...you'll be looking for...him to turn the keys".  Or something like that.  He's the little bald guy in green with a red striped shirt next to the flamingo under the palm tree above...that one is probably from the 1950s...it's been on every tree I can remember since childhood.  He's also featured in blown glass higher up on the tree. 
Halle's is near & dear to my heart.  I remember going to see Santa & Mr. Jingleing at Halle's when I was a little girl.  You can read more about Mr. Jingleing here.  Halle's later became the place I worked as a buyer for a few departments until I left & moved to San Diego just before they closed in 1982. 
I'm thankful for the Christmas memories I have from the old downtown Cleveland & the wonderful department stores there.  All of them are gone now.  Some of the Christmas magic died with them...except in our memories.
Yep...I think I need our tree & Mr. Jingeling here soon. 

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  1. I only got to go to Halle's once at Christmas-I was very young-but couldn't wait to watch Mr. Jingleling and Barnaby every night while Mom made dinner.


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