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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Asparagus & Leek Quiche

Yes, I know I have a cooking blog.  No, I don't keep it updated.  I've been busy here this week between taxes & clearing out stuff to donate through Freecycle...but we have to eat, right? 
Well, this yummy quiche above is sort of a work of art, no?  I think it qualifies to be on this blog.  No recipe, really...just 4 eggs, some half & half...whisked & poured into a store bought pie shell that was filled with sautéed leeks, Swiss cheese & bits of leftover asparagus.  I reserved some of the asparagus spears to decorate the top...left it all in just a bit too long, but it sure was yummy...just a bit more "golden" than I would have liked.  Even tasted good the next day...out of the fridge & left to warm to room temperature.  YUMMY!
I plan to get back to art stuff next week...today I'm searching for the book tape I bought on Etsy & put somewhere so I would be sure to find it...but now I can't find it.  I know it's hiding where I least expect it to be...and I will find it...I have to.  I guess it's back to the studio to search. 
I hope you can have more fun with your Saturday...but it's way too cold here for me to go outside, so at least I can be productive in here. 


  1. You are a master chef it looks like to me!!!
    A piece of art :) Hi kitty!

  2. Sunny says hi, Tami! I do love to cook...well, most days. Might as well make it look good as well as taste good.


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