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Friday, April 5, 2013

More Spring Cleaning...

So...I'm still at it...and will be for quite some time.  SPRING is being fickle here, so I'm occupying my time with finding vintage treasures to sell as well as giving things away through our local Freecycle group.  If you haven't found your local group, it's easy with the link I've provided. 
It amazes me that I am still finding things I didn't know were still here as I clean through this place.  My Mom was definitely a hoarder...not in the trash all over the place & dead animals kind of way, but boy did she buy things!  I've inherited some of those tendencies, but I try to keep mine in check.  Luckily, I am able to help others as well as offer the best stuff for sale in my Etsy shop.
Back in the 1970s, my Dad worked on a contract with Anheuser Busch.  Dad was an Electrical Engineer & that contract took him to many of the AB brewery locations across the country.  He always came back with a souvenir for Mom...but she wasn't a beer fan, so I'm finding some of them as I explore.  Bud is not my beer...but maybe you know someone who would appreciate these. 
There are 6 of the glasses above in their original box...they have never been used...maybe you know someone who has a home bar...these would be perfect or that...and they have SOLD!  Thanks!
I've also uncovered some souvenirs of a trip my Mom & Grandma took to Florida in the 1940s.  The little ATC sized pix in this set are fabulous...and are that old fashioned linen texture that was so popular for postcards of that era.  It took 1.5cents to mail this back in the day!
I've also started to part with some of my vintage cookbooks.  I love to cook, but some of these just have to find new homes. 
From 1970..."465 Quick-to-Fix Recipes Using Campbell's Convenience Foods".  There's even a page about adding a special touch to TV Dinners to make them even better!
And from 1954...The Pillsbury 5th Grand National Baking contest...there were $100,000 in prizes & this one received $2,500...that was a HUGE amount back in 1954!
I'm adding quite an assortment of vintage treasures these days...as well as supplies from my overwhelming stash in my studio.  Please stop by & take a look...you may find a special gift for someone dear...or for yourself! 
Mention that you found me through my blog in the order comments...
and I'll include a special gift for you.

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