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Thursday, August 29, 2013

And the Winner is...

...Ina Ftacek! 

Congrats, Ina...Please email me at ohkitten@cox.net with your snail mail so I can mail your washi tape to you.  And thanks again to Nancy of Mechakucha808 for her generous gift of these tapes...you can see many more fabulous tapes in her Etsy shop...I have more washi tape in transit from her...it's a disease, I know that...but how could I resist this one?  Or this one???  You can bet I'll be using that Dia de los Muertos tape a lot once it arrives. 

Have a very creative week, y'all...I've been drawing & painting in my patterns journal since I can't sleep at night from ragweed allergies...so I'll post more pix of my Pattern Play soon.


  1. Thanks Peggy and Debbie for the giveaway...qhoooohooo I love fish!Thankyou Nancy for donating them to the giveaway. I will be visiting your shop, Hugs, Ina


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