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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another Washi Tape Giveaway!!!

Fish & sushi...good stuff, right?  Well, Nancy at Mechakucha808 generously donated these 2 rolls of washi tape...both her exclusive designs...so I could have another blog giveaway.  Thanks, Nancy!
And I'm throwing in one of her too cute Kokeshi dolls...she sends these as a little thank you with orders over a certain amount.  I have a collection of them...they'll make a little grouping on our Christmas tree this year. 
To enter, please answer this...are you sad that Summer is almost over...or are you happy because Autumn is all too quickly approaching?  Me...I used to love Autumn, but since moving back to this nasty place, Autumn is just pre-Winter...and I hate Winter with a passion.
This blog contest will end in one week...so leave your comment by August 28...and check back here on August 29th for the winner.  Last time,  most of the comments came to me with no return email...just "no comment@blogger" or something like that.  You may have to reset your Blogger settings to allow your email to appear in the email I get notifying me that there is a comment.  It won't appear on my blog...just in my personal email so I can contact you.
Thanks for entering...and if you don't win...you can visit Nancy's shop & purchase these goodies & lots of others.  The Sushi tape is here...the fish are here...and the Kokeshi dolls are here...but she also has larger ones here.  Best of luck to all of you!


  1. MORE! MORE! No, I will refrain from entering again - must attempt to curb my addiction.....

  2. Hey Debbie, Love your giveaway. Thanks for the chance to enter. Yes, I too am very sad to see summer go because homeschooling my granddaugher (now in 1st grade)starts again. What ever happened to school starting after Labor Day? Here in CA school starts in the middle of August; much too soon.

  3. From Tami via email as her computer is being "stupid"...I sure know how THAT is:

    Oh my gosh-how adorable and such a sweet give-away!!! Crossing my fingers!
    Thanks so much sweetie.

  4. Thankyou for posting to bloglovin and I love reading your blog and your artwork.Never tried Washi but am excited over this I hear its a lot like tissue tape. I love fishing and that tape is adorable. Thanks Nancy for letting you do the giveaway,Hugs,Ina

  5. Thank you, Debbie and Nancy, for this giveaway!
    As for your question, I like the additional daylight hours of summer, but love the cooler temps that autumn sometimes brings. (One never know what the weather will be like here in So. Cal. – could be in the 60’s or in the 80s!)
    And I love fishies, sushi (yum!), and washi tape. :]

  6. What fun! Those tapes are so cute! :) Thanks for opportunity to win them! I love the long daylight hours of summer, and will be sad to see them go. But I welcome cooler weather and rain (watched through the window), gray days walking at the beach...

  7. We didn't have much of a summer here in the mountains, but I'm happy to see it end. Love the fall veggies and the beautiful quilt that nature lays over the land. The colors are breath taking.
    Love those tapes (crossing fingers now)

  8. Just the opposite of you, Debbie--I love the winter and loathe hot weather. But I will miss the hummingbirds... I think I'm gonna get some snowshoes!
    Peg K

  9. Thanks to your good example, I've been using washi tape like crazy and never even heard of it before. Love it to pieces! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the give-away.
    (I think I still have to post anonymously as my only option...uuuggghhh...

  10. I'm actually really glad the summer is almost over! My kids had lots of fun, but it's just so fast-paced for us - plus I've got the complexion of a cave salamander, haha! Looking forward to being able to cover up.


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