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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween is on it's way...

OK...so I haven't made an ATC for years...until I saw this post on Marion's blog with her awesome Halloween ATCs.  I've swapped with Marion in the past & it's always a delight.  She lives in Germany & her artwork is spectacular...at least I think so.  I wrote to her & she was up for a swap, so the ATC above is what I sent her way.  You should check out her blog, Bockel24...she posts new work often & each post is better than the last.
I really enjoyed making this ATC...so who knows...maybe I'll conjure up some more before Halloween.  Or maybe I'll just eat candy.  Yeah...it's probably gonna be that last one.  Candy!

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  1. Candy-candy-candy! I love the ATC, and hope you're enjoying fall. I'm sending hugs your way. :)


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