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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some PINK for October

These pretty little packages left here last week & arrived in the mailbox of my partner for the October edition of A Swap for All Seasons.  It's a fun little swap hosted by my friend Linda...and she's making it really easy to play this time around.  Each month you sign up in the first day or two of the month...and then she assigns you someone to mail to...and someone who will mail to you.  All that's required is that you follow the color & theme of the month & send one handmade tag, one handmade card & one destash item that could be used to make cards & tags.  So easy...I couldn't resist.  The theme for October was Friendship & the color was pink. 

My send-to partner was Susie & I know her from swapping with her many times in the past.  She's a talented artist & you can check out her blog here.  Since Susie received her package & has written to me & blogged about it, it's time to share what I made her here.
Here's the tag...I haven't made a tag in years & forgot how much fun they are to do.  The image is from Red Lead Paperworks & I've used some fun embellishments...like washi tape for the pink polka dots. 
And here's the card...the little girl on the right as you look at it is my cousin Sally...probably back in the 1940s.  I don't know who her friend is, but they sure look like best friends to me. 
Inside the card I used this stamp that I've had for years...it just seemed to fit.  The card & tag were to be left unsigned so that your partner can use them when she needs to send a card or gift.  Nice idea. 
The pink destash item was easy...I gathered up some of my hand dyed tags & ribbon & some Baker's twine that I dyed pink over red & white twine...and the destash part of the swap was complete. 
The November theme is Birthday & the color is brown...so as soon as I have my partner assigned I can start in on that one.  There's still time to sign up if you want to play for November...but sign-ups will close soon...we sign up at the beginning of October for the November swap...and mail on or before November 1...so hurry if you want to play.  Oh...and Linda has a giveaway during the month, too...and she always has the best stuff...be sure to check it out.



  1. Lovely pink card and tag. I loved the theme Friendship. This was a fun swap.

  2. I was in my element for this swap as pink is my favourite colour. Bet Susie loved all her gifts. Susie sent to me and I loved the things I got from her. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. Hey stranger! Nice to be back in the same swapping group again. I still have my adorable carrots you sent me and I think of you when I unwrap them at Easter! Your art has always been gorgeous and this card and tag are no exception! I'm sure we'll be linking somewhere along the line...this is the best swap group!!

  4. Love pink, love your choices, love the wash tape!


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