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Thursday, December 19, 2013

December Green Holiday Swap

I'm actually quite late in posting this...but at least it got mailed out in time.  Each month I'm swapping a tag, a card & some destash goodies through A Swap for All Seasons.  We get a color & theme for each month & a partner to mail to.  A different partner mails to us.  It's great fun & if you want something cool in your mailbox instead of all bills, it's definitely a good swap. 
For December the theme was the holidays & the color was green.  My mail-to partner was Lorraine of Over the Rainebeau.  Lorraine loves vintage so I figured this was the perfect time to use a vintage photo...of me on Santa's lap.  I look quite petrified & it looks like he's squeezing me to keep me still...and it's one of my all time favorite Christmas photos.  I had to add some red...but there's plenty of green on this tag.
Lorraine also loves all things Parisian...so here is the card I made her...
It really is shades of green with a bit of turquoise thrown in...but I was happy with it & she liked it.
The green destash included these...some hand dyed ribbons & tags...
And these from my vintage Christmas Seals collection...
I received wonderful artwork from Darlene at Blanche's Daughter.  With the kittens in my studio, I didn't take photos of what she sent my way before I started using it all!  However, I adored each & every thing & the link to her blog takes you to the photos she graciously posted of what she gifted to me.  Fabulous stuff!
The theme for January, which mails by January 2...is Thinking of You & the color is one of my all time favorites...blue!  It's going to be a challenge for me to make my card & tag & pull out some lovely blue goodies with my studio located all over the place except where it's supposed to be...but I'll get it all done & luckily my mail-to partner isn't allergic to cats!!!  I'm always careful, but it's going to be more challenging with 4 cats instead of 1.  We hope to release the kittens from my studio either this weekend or over the Christmas holiday...so updates are sure to follow!


  1. I love your tag! The pic of you always makes me chuckle! And I love those seals too...too bad I never saved them - who woulda thunk?

  2. I LOVE THAT TAG! I swear you should have been a child model! Destash to DYE for!


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