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Monday, December 2, 2013

My Etsy Shop Sale Continues...

These 3 little kittens certainly are happy to be inside where it's warm & there's good food...so much better than being outside where they were born.  I'm a bit cranky because all of my studio stuff is scattered around the house & in the basement so that they no longer have to live in a cage in the basement...they've taken over my studio.  It's not yet time to give them the run of the house & Sunny Cat isn't too sure she likes this whole idea...so my studio was the only room where we could keep them.  They're getting more playful & loving by the day...and each of them has his or her own personality.  I tried journaling in there last night & Fluffer was up on the table "helping" me by grabbing at my finger as I tried to write.  Their antics make up for any inconvenience & I'll get my studio back eventually.
Gracie, Peanut & Fluffer hope you'll stop by my Etsy shop to see if there's anything you might need for yourself or a gift.  The 20% off discount will continue through the end of December...just use coupon code KITTIES20 where it says "apply shop coupon code" at checkout.  It must be entered at checkout in order to get your discount. 
The kittens & I thank you very much!

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