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Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's exactly what I wanted!

This is my Christmas gift from Phil...and it's exactly what I wanted!  I've been hoping to get a RÅSKOG cart from IKEA for awhile...and with my studio now a kitten sanctuary...I really needed one ASAP.  I'm trying to work on the coffee table in our living room & needed a place to corral my most important art journaling supplies.  Now I have it.  I'll keep moving stuff around in it until it's the most functional for me, but this has made my life so much easier & while it takes up some room in the living room, we're accustomed to having my art stuff all over the house.
Oh...and ignore the paper on the floor & that box behind it...those are cat toys...Sunny loves playing in that paper!
I can just see one of these in our 1950s era blue & black tile bathroom...and I do believe I need one for my sewing & quilting supplies, especially since I plan to get back to my quilt this winter. 
Thanks so much, Babe...you always give the best gifts...even though having you in my life is the best gift ever.


  1. It looks great! Happy New Year!

  2. I have this same cart and it is so helpful! I fill it with the supplies of the season...I'm in the process of putting all of the Christmas elements away and pull out the Valentine goodies! Hope you're back in your studio soon!
    Happy New Year!


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