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Saturday, February 22, 2014

A little kitten update...

The kittens have been out of my studio for about a week now.  We do herd them back in there at night, but daytime is theirs to have the run of the house.  They chase each other around and explore everything.  Each day around 4pm, it gets quiet and here is what I see.  Gracie & Fluffer all snuggled up between our pillows taking a nap.  Peanut is usually in the computer room sleeping by himself...as you can see below.
It's hard work being a kitten...and they're so sweet when they sleep!
The only one around here who isn't happy about the kittens being around is our Sunny Cat...but each day she's learning to tolerate them a bit.  They play with her toys...and sleep where only she could sleep before...this is quite an adjustment for a 6 year old cat!
Peanut really wants to be friends with Sunny...but she's not interested.  Lots of hissing can be heard with the occasional growl & loud meow...topped off by a swipe or 2 of a paw...but no huge fights. 
Sunny chooses to retreat to the basement where we have a couple baskets of stuff topped by a quilt for her to sleep in.  We don't let her stay down there overnight...but she needs a place to get away from the crazy kids.
Well...I hear something happening that I should investigate...I wonder what they're into this time? 


  1. They are so cute but I can understand Sunny wanting to have peace and quiet.

  2. Kittens are so darn cute! I just love cuddling up with one. We had two cats at our previous home and I miss them. One died and the other ran off when we tried bringing him to this new home.

  3. I just love those dear sweet kitties and bravo to Sunny Cat who is sharing her house and love!!! Thanks so much for the photos! Hugs.


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