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Friday, February 28, 2014

Yellow and Springtime...A Swap for All Seasons

Oh yes...during this all too cold & snowy & bleak February, our March swap at A Swap for all Seasons had the theme of SPRING & the color yellow.  The very cool pouch of wonderful treasures is what I received from my partner, Pam.  It reminds me that one of these days we may actually break out of winter so I can go plant some stuff outside. 
Tucked inside that cool pouch was this adorable card.  I love the vintage chick and the lace & rose buds...& check out that cute little felt butterfly.   There's lots of dimension in this card as Pam raised up the chick with pop dots...great effect. 
I always love Pam's tags...the sewing theme is near & dear to my heart.  I won't be able to part with this one...it's on my inspiration board.  Gotta love that vintage pattern image.  I had a dress with that dropped waist back in the 1950s!
And then Pam sent the most wonderful goodies...that 1930s reproduction fabric is already cut up into patches for my quilts...and I know I'll use all this stuff throughout the year.  Thanks so very much, Pam...it's always a delight to swap with you. 

Of course...I mailed to a different swap partner...it really is fun to swap this way.  The yellow package above left cold NE Ohio & flew down to Georgia to my partner, Becky
This is the card I made for Becky...the little chick is from a vintage Easter card that I received back in the 1950s.  I love that there are crocus blooming...those are the first hint we get here of spring...our front lawn will be covered in them....IF this snow ever melts & we get out of these frigid temps!!!
Here's the tag I created for Becky.  The lovely spring flowers are also from a vintage card from the 1950s.  I'm lucky that I found scrapbooks of greeting cards that my Mom & Grandma had saved over the years.  I love using them in my creations.
And here are the goodies I sent to Becky.  She makes yoyos, so I included some yellow fabric from my stash...and other yellow bits & bobs.  There are yellow bingo markers in that tiny glassine envie...those make cute halos or accents on cards & such.
Once again...this was a fabulous fun swap...it sure helped me get through February.  Thanks for organizing another great swap, Linda! 
Sign-ups for the April Swap...with the theme of Mother's Day & the color peach are tomorrow, March 1.  You should go check it out...there are rules, of course...but they're easy to follow & you'll make lots of new friends & have tons of fun along the way.  You can find all the details right here.



  1. Thanks for your kind comments. So glad you like everything.

    I love what you sent to your partner. I wish my family had saved cards. It would be so fun to use them in cards today. Hope Spring arrives soon.

  2. Lovely Happy Spring Yellow goodies you received and gathered for swapping. Since I am new to this I am learning from all of you who do it so well. Creative Happy Spring Yellow Bliss...

  3. I almost needed to put on my sunglasses for all of the sunny spring goodies! It's all so great! Your partner will LOVE your package. Oh that ribbon...

  4. Seeing the Spring themed crafting is a real pick-me-up this morning as we face yet another snow storm predicted for this weekend! Jan's package to you is sweet and cheery and yours for Becky is equally smile producing! I love the way you used the vintage card in your tag and your dyed seam binding is gorgeous. I just bought a 100 yard spool of white to try my hand at it. Thanks for all of the inspiration!
    18 days until Spring? I hope!

  5. Eek! I can't believe I typed Jan instead of Pam! Jan was my sender. That's what happens when you comment before coffee :D

  6. Debbie, thank you so much for all of the sweet things you sent to me! They have truly made my spring brighter, and getting to know you via email has been such a joy! Thank you!

  7. Wow...what a gorgeous yellow swap both given and received...love it all! :)

  8. Yellow has always been one of my favorite colors and you received and made some wonderful yellows !
    warm regards,

  9. I love what you created and what you received! Happy Spring, hope it comes soon! Marti


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