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Thursday, April 24, 2014

A few flowers for another COLD Spring Day...

After a glorious Easter Sunday with SUN & temps approaching 80...then a Monday of still warm but very hazy sun...we're back into the 40s here in NE Ohio.  I really hate living here, but we're stuck for now.  They're saying it may be a couple WEEKS before we see such nice weather again...I give up.
While working to recover from the crud I caught...I've been piecing some more flowers...and buying some new 1930s reproduction fabrics, too.  Retail therapy seems to be some of the best medicine at times.  Thanks for Etsy as I sure couldn't get out to a quilting store. 
The pink leaves print here is some of the vintage 1930s fabric I found of my Grandma's...such a wonderful print...wish I had more.  I keep hoping there's some box of fabric hidden somewhere in this house that I haven't yet discovered...wouldn't that be a treat?
Vintage fabric for the first round...reproduction for the outside of the flower.  They play nicely together.
I really LOVE this one...all reproduction fabrics, but wonderful ones.  I must get more yellow prints.
And one last flower for today.  I have more done but not pressed or photographed...and I'm now piecing more of the center rounds then I need to cut more hexagons for the outer round.  It's working quite well to do just some of each task at a time.  I know me & if I had to sit & cut all the hexagons at once I'd go nuts & pack the whole thing away.  I get bored easily & need to mix it up.
By the way...I figured out I need around 120-130 of the flowers to make the quilt a slightly oversized Queen quilt...so I have lots & lots more flowers to create.  I haven't done a count yet...but will post a progress report when I get a bit farther along. 
I was feeling a bit better when I could sit outside in the sun over the weekend...but I think the infection is still in my lungs...and I feel worse with the cold weather.  I always feel bad during cold weather, but I think the crud might need another kick in the butt.  Guess I'll call the doc tomorrow.

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  1. Shopping in our pjs is a good thing when we are sick. Healing energy and warm weather for you to get well. Your hexie flower garden is growing nicely in spite of the cold weather.


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