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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A little benefit of being sick...

While I wouldn't wish this crud on anyone...I've been forced to just sit as much as possible while I'm fighting this thing.  So...I've been doing the only thing I'm inspired to do these days...piecing flowers for my quilt.  Cutting more hexagons, too.  The cutting part is quite a challenge with 3 kittens who think the fabric & the end of the pencil are great toys.  I've even had to close the door to my studio to keep them out...but I don't do that too often.  They're just so cute...even when they're being ornery.

More flower centers.  I splurged on some new fabrics with a 1930s feel to them.  The green in front is from the Betty Dear collection...I got the charm pack & since there were 2 of each of most of the 5" squares, I was able to cut 6 hexagons to make the flower center.  The red hiding in the upper right corner is from the same collection.  You can also see some of the Story Book collection prints I got on eBay awhile back...Pinocchio in yellow & in blue...and The 3 Little Pigs with that Big Bad Wolf in green.  I have other juvenile 1930s reproductions to add to my quilt, too. 
Here's a completed flower...the inside round is a vintage 1930s print from Grandma...the outside is a reproduction.  I'm happy with how they go together...I love 1930s prints.
These are all reproduction prints from various sources.  I've been collecting them for so long I can't remember where they all came from.  I have a little red child's suitcase from the 1950s...I kept some of my dolls & their clothes in it...now it holds my 1930s fabrics.  Perfect!
One more for today...and one of my favorites so far.  I have always loved blue & yellow together...and these prints are awesome for that color combo. 
OK...the kittens SEEM to be occupied by the window I opened back here.  Maybe they'll stay there so I can go trace & cut more hexagons.  I ironed quite a few pieces of my fabric collection so I could have a big assortment of hexies to choose from.  Next I'll get tired of cutting & I'll get back to piecing more.  I am piecing a lot of the centers when I can't sleep at night...so more to come soon.
We're due for storms here...and the winds are kicking up.  It's nice getting a bit of fresh air in here before we have to close it up again.  After the next couple days of getting the tail end of the devastating storms that went through the center of the country...we'll be back into the 50s which is too cold for open windows.  Thanks heavens it's not looking like our storms will be as severe.  My heart is with all those people who have been hit by the tornados this weekend.  


  1. Grandmother's Flower Garden is one of my favorite quilts to make - I have made 3 in all.

    I like your color combinations and hope you are healthy soon.

  2. Boy you have been busy. We are in Ky for another week. Then back to the desert. Your quilt wu
    I'll be beautiful.


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