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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another Year Gone By...

So it's my birthday...a BIG one as I'm now eligible to get early Social Security payments...and I've already applied.  Of course...I won't actually see any money until January 2015...but it's in the works.
In true NE Ohio style...the first 2 days of this week were wonderful...SUN and 60s...warm enough to open the windows for some fresh air.  Today...as Ohio's  gift to me...it's gloomy & cold...in the 30s.  I've always hated my birthday weather here...long gone are the days of sitting out near the Pacific in the warm sun & ocean breezes to celebrate.  I still can't understand why some people want to live here...it sucks!
No big plans as with asthma it's too cold for me to go outside...so we'll just hang out and do our best to enjoy the day.
p.s.  Have I mentioned lately just how much I HATE living in OHIO?


  1. Happy Birthday, Debbie!!! Glad you have something to celebrate! Here in Nashville we have had 2 days of 71° weather. Last night it rained and it is in the 30's, cold and gloomy here, too. Last night's rain and wind brought down loads of leaves, too.

  2. Happy Birthday Blessings! Celebrate and enjoy every day. Birthday Bliss...

  3. Happy Birthday girlfriend!! Although it is cold outside, think about all the warm arms giving you a birthday HUG!

  4. Hi Debbie! Sorry I missed your birthday, wishing you a belated happy one, without the snow!


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