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Friday, February 6, 2015

Still Loving Those 1930s Fabrics

I know it's been ages since I wrote about my Grandmother's Flower Garden or Tumbler quilts.  I put them away for a bit to work on some gifts...but soon it will be time to pull them out again.  That hasn't stopped me from adding to my collection of 30s prints, however.  The ones above were bought sometime last year from Joyofquilting1 on eBay.  I now have almost all the sets she has offered...if you're in the market for 1930s reproduction fabric, you should check her out. 

I also found another resource for lovely 1930s fabric on Etsy.  The shop is MaryB'sRepros&More and that's where I found more of the duckies print that I love so much.  I'm so excited to be able to add this one into my Tumbler quilt...the flowers for my Flower Garden are pretty much done & all I have to do there is join them together to make the quilt top.  I may end up making half flowers so the quilt will have even edges, so I may need some duckies to do that.
I've also added these pretty prints on a couple visits to Mary's shop.  I just can't have enough of these 1930s prints.  Soon I'll get back to my 30s projects...I have so much planned for 2015...it's going to be a good year...or so I hope.  Now if it would only stop SNOWING & warm up!
Be safe & keep warm...and to my CA friends...you know to send those warm ocean breezes my way.


  1. Your "new" fabrics are so fun. I love the colors and little duckies. Creative Bliss for 2015...


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