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Saturday, January 31, 2015

January? Done!

You'll remember my dear friend Bev challenged me to do a Quilt Block of the Month for 2015...you can see the original post here. 

My January block is done...so now on to February...looks like an interesting block.
You can see Bev's blog here...with the quilt she will be making as the year goes on.  This will be lots of fun...and a bit of competition will keep things interesting, I'm sure.

On another note...I found one more fabric to add into the yardage to use with my Somerset Jelly Roll...this is the newest addition.
You can see how it goes with the other 2 fabrics here...I really like these together.  They're quite different for me...so this will be lots of fun & maybe I'll make the Somerset quilt first...then the Rambling Rose one...just to shake things up a bit.
Now...on to February...starting with the Super Bowl on Sunday...

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  1. Love the fabric. I know you hate this weather, I can do snow/cold for the most part, but the ice in between all this I do not like! Stay warm is the theme of things!


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