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Monday, September 7, 2015

A Labor Day & Beyond Sale in my Etsy Shop!

It's been awhile since I've offered a sale in my Etsy shop...KittenCreates...but this seems like a great time to do one.  From NOW through next Saturday, September 12, 2015...everything in my shop is 20% off before shipping.  All you need is to use coupon code LABORDAY20.  

Etsy is conducting a test right now...so if you don't see a place to enter your coupon code in their checkout, you'll need to go to the payment screen through PayPal and enter your coupon code there.  Sheesh!  I really hate it when they conduct these tests which seem to make things MORE difficult for buyers...but I just tried it and it works.  If you don't like the total, you can simply not place the final order.

The ribbon I have in my shop right now is probably the last ribbon I'll have, so when it's gone it's gone.  I also have lots of gently used and new rubber stamps and vintage treasures...lots & lots of stuff for sale.  This would be a great time to do some early Christmas or Hanukkah shopping...or treat yourself!!!

Thanks for looking & I'll do my best to get back here with some more quilty pix soon.  I've been posting a lot to Instagram, so you can check me out there, too.  I'm @ohkittencreates.

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