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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Thanks, Sizzix!

It was a very happy mail day yesterday when this arrived via FedEx...

I'm an old school quilter...I'm ok with tracing around templates with a pencil & cutting the pieces with scissors.  I've learned to add templates & rulers to use with my cutting mat & rotary cutter for cutting quilt pieces.  But this fabi die cutting gizmo has intrigued me so when I saw the first giveaway on the Sizzix Blog, I entered.  And, amazingly I WON!!!  

There's a new giveaway each week on the Sizzix Blog.  Here's the giveaway for this week, which is Week #3.  Go enter...NOW!!!  The link opens in a separate window.  I'll wait here for you.

I've unpacked this lovely machine, and cut some flowers with the die enclosed.  Today I cut some half hexagons with the signed die from Jenny at MO Star!  

Now...this prize has me especially thrilled because of those signed dies.  Signed by Jenny Doan herself!  I buy most of my fabric from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I'm usually still awake when I can see their deal of the day at 1am Eastern time.  I often buy their charm packs that way...and these dies are charm pack friendly.  

I'll post again once I have a chance to play with the dies more...so check soon for an update.

THANKS SO MUCH to Sizzix for your wonderful contests and for my prize...I love it!  Oh...and for those of you on Instagram, there's now a Sizzix Quilting account on IG.  It's sizzix_quilting.  Lots of great ideas & the contest announcements are there, too.  Go follow them!


  1. You big lucky!! How wonderful is that! Can't wait to see what you use it. I can't cut anything out uniformly, so it sounds great to me. Enjoy!

    Happy Hump Day!

  2. Congratulations, Debbie! You will not believe this. When you sent me the info to sign up to win one, I did it. I just got notified that I am the week 2 winner! Thank you for spreading the joy!

  3. Congrats, Debbie!!! I love it that you won this fun prize! It's so exciting isn't it?! Can't wait to see your creations come to life. Hugs to all and have fun.

  4. You're lucky Debbie! Congratulations! Have fun!

  5. How fun is that...congratulations!

  6. How fun is that...congratulations!


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