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Friday, March 12, 2010

The first crocus of 2010!

Well, Spring shouldn't be TOO far away...yesterday we enjoyed temps flirting with 70 degrees here in Parma, OH...and today most of the snow has melted (YEA!!!) and the first crocus have popped their sunny faces out to welcome the warmer air.  It's cooler today...low 60s, and the clouds are moving in...we could have thunderstorms over the next day or two.  But it's always a highlight of my sorry life here when the crocus start to pop out. 

Years ago, probably back in the 1960s, my Dad tilled the lawn to reseed it & start over on the grass.  A beautiful magnolia tree which had been in the middle of the lawn died over a particularly harsh winter, and the crocus used to surroud the tree.  Well, when the soil was tilled, the crocus bulbs were scattered throughout the yard.  Now, each March, the first sign of spring is the crocus that scatter across the front lawn. 
The bits of green in the foreground are crocus that have not yet bloomed as there has not been enough sun there...the house faces north & most of the sun this time of year is from the south, so it will be awhile before they bloom.   This is what the lawns look like after the cold harsh winter...all gray & brown & lifeless...but hopefully that will change soon, too. The narcissus in the back yard are just starting to poke through the ground, as are the first signs of life for the day lilies that will bloom come summer. 

Now let's hope it doesn't snow again...at least not until next January or so...
or NEVER again would make me even happier!!!

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  1. Wow, you have flowers already?? We haven't seen any sign of them around here yet!


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