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Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring ATCs & Tags

I've been busy with some spring themed art...some for a Red Lead swap & some just because I'm waiting not-so-patiently for Spring to arrive & STAY!

First, the swap ATCs...The theme is Spring Story & we needed to use certain spring/Easter themed collage sheets & stamp images from Red Lead Paperworks

Awfully cute, huh?  Cute is not my favorite style, but these images ARE cute...and I think it works.

Now for the Spring tags...

I made a couple more, but must have sent them off to the Red Lead girls without taking pictures.  Oh well...that happens.

And finally, they're selling some wire hangers over at Red Lead.  They come in a package with 2 sizes of the hanger.  Usually wire hangers would bring out the Joan Crawford side of me..."no wire hangers!!!"  But the larger of the 2 hangers along with some mini clothespins turned out to be a great hanger for displaying an ATC.

That's all for today...and, BTW...we do not have ANY wire hangers in our closets...told you I have a Joan Crawford side!


  1. Great job! These are so spring'ie! Need to get my hands on some of those hangers!

  2. cute ATC's! I have one of your ATC's about being an artist mounted right by my desk and I look at it every day :)

  3. Very springy -- and retro!
    By the way - could not figure out WHY I got a copy of Somerset Memories in the mail today -- then I found the 'with one photo' entry you submitted for the HG group. What was that - 2 years ago???? Anyway -- looks like your hardwork paid off -- I at least got my name in print!
    Again - lovin' your blog!

  4. Your coat hanger reminded me of this way to display art:


    The hangers are old wooden slacks hangers, which I just happened to find in our garage while cleaning it out yesterday!!

    Back to packing now. :)


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