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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pretty Little Thing

Well, just a quick post this morning...the cough I've been fighting since October is back with a vengance.  I'll try my best to post more later or tomorrow.

This pretty little vase of flowers is actually a miniature...so sweet, don't you think?  My friend Kathy sent me these pretty little pink paper roses and I've had the little perfume sample bottle for some time...just sitting here waiting for the right project.  You can buy your own little perfume sample bottles from Queen Xina at SkyBluePink.  The one shown here is the small bottle. 

Once I received the paper roses, I pulled out the little bottle, added some DG3 Gel to it & arranged the roses the way I wanted them.  At first...and for a few days, I thought my experiment had failed miserably as the gel was not drying.  The mouth of this little bottle is quite small, so I thought maybe not enough air was getting in there.  So, showing a patience that I don't usually possess, I waited...and waited.  After about a week or so, the gel had hardened, securing the roses in "water". 

Those who know me best know that patience is NOT one of my virtues & I'm generally allergic to sweet, but I like this little goodie & hope you do, too.

Have a great weekend...I'll try to get back here before it's over.

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