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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I love this vintage photo of my Aunt Lonnie with my cousin, Sally.  Aunt Lonnie was my Godmother...and the perfect choice for me as she had quite the attitude!  Although she was my aunt by marriage to my Uncle Ed...Mom's brother...I was & still am a lot like her.  Aunt Lonnie died from breast cancer in the early 1980s...I had just moved to San Diego at the time...and I still miss her. 

I really love the look on her face here...like she'd rather be anywhere else except watching this baby!!!  That would have been me...except I knew early on that I was not cut out for motherhood.  Well...unless the "baby" was cute, furry and meowed.
Sophie Cat sends her best to all the Moms out there...
& I hope you're as spoiled today as our sweet Sophie Cat is!


  1. Sophie Cat is lucky to have YOU as her MOM!
    Love the photo of your Aunt...cracks me up!

    Thanks for the nice wishes and I hope Sophie Cat gives you extra purrs today!


  2. I'm sending Happy Mother's Day wishes your way - from one "furry child mother" to another!



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