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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

The leaves are long gone in this part of the world...but I'm thankful that we actually HAD an Autumn display this year.  It's bitter cold here & snow is on the ground...makes me long for those days when our Thanksgiving was sunny & warm.  No turkey for me today...Phil is in Columbus for a week long Hanukkah/Thanksgiving/Mom's 75th birthday celebration & I'm home here caring for the menagerie.  I've opted for Wild Canadian Snow Crab Legs for my feast.  I'll probably be making some Buffalo Wings to nosh on, too.  Football is on the TV...it's not Thanksgiving without football! 
All the cats & kittens here are napping.  Sunny went into our bed...she's sleeping on some of Phil's clothes that I've laid out for her.  She's NOT at all amused by having those kittens in her house...and it's worse because she adores Phil & he's gone.  She's always a handful when he goes away for a couple days, but this is even worse.  She'll be one happy cat when he comes home Saturday. 
The gang of 3 has been having fun knocking things off shelves & finding stuff to play with in my studio.  Just wait until they have the run of the house eventually!  As long as they don't break something that they could hurt themselves with...it really doesn't matter.  They seem to be fascinated by paper I've got pulled out for making journals...I figure the way they like to bite on it...they're just helping with that distressed look!
I'll put up the Christmas wreaths on the front door tomorrow...we've decided to pass on the Christmas tree this year...we can try it next year when the little ones have hopefully calmed down a bit.  We'll have to hope we can still use our faux palm tree that functions as a light in our living room.  That can be our Christmas tree again this year...as long as the kittens leave it alone.  I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of baby proofing in a home that has never been meant for children...but for kittens, I'll do it!  Good thing they're so cute!
So...Happy Hanukkah & Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours.

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