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Monday, March 3, 2014

Maybe Spring IS on the way...

I saw this little robin last Wednesday...eating some berries that grow on a vine throughout the rhododendron that grows outside our living room window.  I don't know what the vine is, but it has red berries that stay on it even after the rest of the vine is dormant...and the robins find them each spring. 
Mr. Robin stayed around long enough for me to grab my camera & get some decent pix of him through the front window...thanks, my dear friend!  No sun for him that day...or now.  We're back in the deep freeze here...and got some snow over the weekend, but not nearly as much as they got south of us.  I'm sick to death of all this snow & bitter cold...I'll bet this robin thought it must be spring here by now.  I found this pic from last year on March 9th...the first crocus were just coming up then.
No hope for that early bloom this year...there's over a foot of snow covering them right now.  Usually they arrive around mid March...almost always by St. Patrick's Day...so let's hope SPRING is getting ready to kick Old Man Winter out of here SOON!

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  1. Thankfully the Robins have berries to eat. I hope your Spring brings Sunshine and Smiles...


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