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Sunday, June 1, 2014

A few more flowers...and fabric!

So it's time to work on the second round of the flowers...here the Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf are surrounded by bunnies on an orange background.  He's outnumbered for sure.
White kittens frolic around a center of hearts...LOVE the kitties!  Pink is a predominant color in 1930s fabrics...and while it's not a go-to color for me...I'm loving it for my quilt.
I love this very graphic print with the black dots and circles...some of those circles remind me of eggs...so I chose some yellow duckies for this flower. 
Don't you adore those little duckies?  I just won an auction for a yard of those same duckies in AQUA!  I cut the hexies last night and will show them all sewn together soon.
Meanwhile...other auctions brought me these fat eighths...which is my preferred size as then I can afford lots of different prints to make this a scrap quilt. 
More from these auctions...all from joyofquilting1 again.  She's got more auctions active right now...so check her out!
And the last of the new fabric to show for today...also from Joy.
I did a count the other day & I have 57 centers done...with just the first round sewn.  Since I need 120-130...I'm almost halfway on centers.  I'll count completed flowers once I get more done...I don't have nearly as many of those done...but I'm still enjoying this journey.  We've got a rainy week ahead...and the container garden is planted now...so I'll have time to piece some more flowers and post new stuff to my Etsy shop this week.  With Ohio weather being crappy most of the time...I take advantage of each & every nice day by spending them outside.  I hope you had a wonderful weather weekend, too.  Pix of my garden will be posted later in the week...when I need to cheer up from rainy days.

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