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Monday, June 16, 2014

Late Spring...and into Summer!

OK...I know they're kitschy...but that's why I like them.  When we saw this flamingo pair at a local dollar store, we had to have them.  They're in our backyard...just to entertain us & the neighbors next door.  I may have to go get another pair & paint them like skeletons for Halloween...although here by Halloween it could be snowing! 

Some critter ran off with the first sunflower that bloomed before I could get a pic of it...and it seems they're quite tasty as you can see the bite out of the second one.
I just can't get mad at the critters, though...one year a groundhog ate our tomatoes, so we don't grow them anymore....but he also took a bite of a jalapeno & left it laying there uneaten...I'll bet that was a big surprise...and he left us & our plants alone after that.
The Brussels sprout is growing quite nicely...this pic was taken a week ago & it's even bigger now.  I can't get more recent pix off the camera right now...we had to get a new printer & the camera card won't fit into the new printer...and the software for the camera cord isn't working...so we had to order some external drive thing that will allow us to still use my trusty old digital camera.  Hopefully it will arrive before the weekend since I have yo-yos & quilt flowers to share...and more pix to take for my Etsy shop.  I've got some new vintage stuff in there if you care to take a look.
This pretty tree is in our back yard.  It's been there since I was quite young.  We always called it the Tulip Tree...it's actually a Tulip Poplar.  It blooms late in May through early June...and the flowers are so pretty.  I love that rare clear blue sky in NE Ohio, too. 
This is what the flowers look like...and after the seed pods develop & open, there are very cool thorn looking things that eventually fall to the ground...free collage supplies! 
And finally...here's what Gracie loves to do on a warm almost summer afternoon...she's so sound asleep she can't even keep her tongue in her mouth!  I sure wish I could sleep like that. 
I'll be back once I can get more pix off the camera...until then, enjoy your almost Summer & do something creative.


  1. Love the pictures! Hope the heat is to your liking :) Brandy has been enjoying herself outside.

  2. I finally had a change to catch up on your blog. I love all those repo fabrics. Can't wait to see that finished Grandmother's quilt. it will be stunning.
    It is so hot here that we can't grow plants during the summer. Some of my relatives in Ky quit growing a garden because they were just feeding the deer and other animals.
    Which dollar store had the flamingos? We have so many different dollar stores here.
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Happy Summer to you Debbie!! Love your stories of visiting critters :) Hi baby kitties!


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