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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day, Dad...

That's me & my Dad...back in 1954...when I was the only child.  My Dad was an amazing man...and would take me to all sorts of places...and play with me...just like a Dad should.  He would also give me advice...but not really interfere in my decisions.  I loved that about him.  Once when I called him to complain about how tough it was to supervise a bunch of people, Dad said..."No one ever said it was gonna be easy".  Short & sweet but appropriate. 
We weren't rich...and Dad didn't buy us extravagant gifts...but he & Mom did provide for my brother & me...and I ended my college years free of debt as they paid for my education.  That was a wonderful gift.  But the best gift of all from my Dad was the gift of his time...the greatest gift of all.
Dad died way too young...he was only 66 and died in 1988.  I still miss him as if it were just yesterday...but I know he's here guiding me when I need him. 
I love you, Dad...Happy Father's Day!

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