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Friday, August 8, 2014

My 301st post...and the garden

I didn't realize until after I had posted last time that I had reached my 300th blog post...so this is number 301.  No need to cheer or remember that...there will be no quiz later.

The jalapenos above are our first of this season...and they're quite disappointing.  The skin is crazed & they're small.  I blame it on the cool summer we're having.  These babies love the heat...which hasn't been around much lately.  The most disappointing part is that there aren't many other jalapenos developing...and no more flowers.  While it's nice to not have to run the a/c...our jalapenos need some heat soon!

The pimento is just now starting to show a hint of red.  These need to be red before they are picked...so the pimento cheese will need to wait a bit.
The green onions are coming along nicely...I'll try to harvest some soon to see how big they are.  These were planted directly in the soil from seed.  Not bad.
Lots of leeks, too.  These won't get really fat...I should have broken apart the plant more when I first planted it...live & learn.  I'm betting they'll still be yummy, though.  The Brussels Sprouts are coming along...getting bigger on that stem each day.  Forgot to take a photo, though...next time.
The marigolds are still adding lovely color to the backyard.  I'm getting lots of seeds to save for next year.  I may even try to grow some inside over the winter.
This little guy visits us each day.  We call him Mr. T.  We're not sure if he belongs to someone or if he's a stray...but he's a scaredy cat...won't let us go near him.
In the rest of the yard...the critters have planted some sunflowers under the bird feeder...they're small little ones, so I think they're from the sunflower on the driveway that kept being eaten.  There will be quite a few flowers to share once they all open.
If you look up way in the back of our yard, the Rose of Sharon are blooming.  The ones to the right are white & the ones to the left are pink.  They all seem to be on the same bush...which towers over the garage.  It's lovely when it blooms.
This is looking inside one of the white flowers...the pink ones are too far up to get a look inside.
And the side of the garage has this huge honeysuckle looking bush.  Each year we cut it back & each summer it comes right back with lots of pretty orange trumpet flowers.  The butterflies like these & so do the bees...I've even seen a hummingbird enjoying them.
So that's it from our cooler than normal summer here in NE Ohio...I'm doing my best to enjoy every single minute of it because we know it all goes down the tubes here all too soon.  I hope you're having a lovely summer, too. 
Oh...it's World Cat Day today...ours are all sleeping the day away...check out this sunbather...Miss Gracie loves the sun.
Happy World Cat Day...and enjoy the SUMMER!

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  1. thanks for your little garden tour - I´ve enjoyed it!


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