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Monday, August 4, 2014

Yo-Yos and Flowers

This week I finally finished sewing some yo-yos together into the top for a pillow.  The pillow itself isn't even started yet, but I laid the top onto an old patchwork pillow to get a photo to share.  I haven't quite decided what color the pillow will be...probably some shade of blue as that goes with everything in this house.  Maybe I'll pull out the machine & make a pillow this week.
I managed to get some more fabric cut into hexies for my quilt top...and once I do I like to sew the first round of the flowers with what I've just cut.  I got the ones above & below done this week.
I also got quite a few flowers done...one slow stitch at a time.  I truly find this hand piecing so relaxing...and with pre-season football starting this week, I know I'll get lots more done to share next time.  I love "watching" football...but I always have something else going at the same time...unless it's a really good game...or unless my San Diego Chargers are playing.  They're on Thursday night...but I'm sure I'll still take time to make more flowers during the week & on Sunday.  I got a few done today...but they still need to be pressed & photographed.
I'm happy with the progress I'm making on completing the flowers...and this coming week I'll be auditioning some of the white background prints I have to see if they'll make it into the quilt.  I like some of them a lot, so I have a feeling they will.
I'm sharing this over on Kathy's blog for Slow Stitching Sunday.  Oh...and I've labeled all of my quilt related posts with Quilting so if you care to see past posts, they're all together there.


  1. Yoyos and hexies... it's hand stitching heaven!

  2. Adorable Debbie!! All of the quilt pieces colors are just gorgeous too-they all go so well together-just love that kind of material.

  3. Wow you have completed more of the flowers. I so admire your hand stitching. My friend gave me a pack of little hexies. So I may have to join you in hexie making soon. I'm putting the binding on the quilt for Back to School Party. Thank you for suggesting that I apply. It has been a fun experience. I'll email you photos later. We aren't supposed to share until they are featured by the magazine in September.


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