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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Need Rubber Stamps?

I've recently added a bunch of rubber stamps to my Etsy shop.  The one above is lots of fun...and you can make a quick & easy birthday card using it.  All you have to do is stamp the image, color in the Happy Birthday in nice bright colors & color in the stars & candle...and your card is almost done.

I have artsy stamps like this one for sale.  I just have way too many stamps...WAY over the legal limit!
There are some Halloween stamps...it's not that far away, you know.  Time to buy some candy...or save some calories & buy stamps!
You can get a great deal on these flowers...they look great if you ink them and then spray them with a fine mist of water...they look almost like watercolors.
There are, of course, Christmas stamps...this kitty stamps just the line drawing for you to color in.  Wouldn't this make a great Christmas card?
For these...and some other stuff I've been listing in my shop...please visit KittenCreates.  Those of you who read my blog can use the coupon code BLOG10 to save 10% before shipping.  I really do appreciate my customers & I always send a little thank you with each order.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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