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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Do you sew?

I've mentioned before how back in the day I was the Fabrics, Sewing Notions, Patterns & Art Needlework Buyer for The Halle Bros. Co. in Downtown Cleveland, OH.  It was a dream job for someone like me who loves to sew & loves fibers.  Put that degree in Weaving to work!   At one point back then, I'd even sew suits for myself...structured with jackets & all that.  Lots of skirts & dresses...much of my work wardrobe was hand sewn.  Back in the late 1970s...it seemed to me that a Fabric Buyer should do that for herself, no?

I also loved to give handmade gifts...quilts...toys for kids...Christmas stockings...you name it...if I could sew it, I probably did.  I also LOVED to buy fabric & patterns.  LOTS of patterns...you never knew when you'd NEED that one for the perfect gift, right?  Well, fast forward 30 plus years...and many of those patterns are still here.  Unused...needing new homes.  I've been listing them for sale in my Etsy shop.  That's where you'll find the out of print Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy pattern above as well as many other patterns. 
Yes, I had plans to make this apron...I'm not sure why...must have been the kitty in the doorway of the house on the apron bib.
This quilt isn't my style anymore...but it's a fabulous pattern that has that 1970s vibe.  It even includes a "Vogue American Designer Original" label to sew onto the finished quilt.
LOTS of patterns for kitchen stuff...and more aprons...which I never wear...but they sure are trendy these days.
I was quite into buying patterns for tote bags...never made these, however.
And, of course...Easter crafts.  Did I ever actually make these?  Nope.  But I could have!  The little bunny family with their carrot house is too cute for words.
These and so many others are now available to go to new homes.  It's time to destash big time around here...and vintage patterns & other items will continue to be added to my shop as I get through it all.  Did I mention that my Mom had an even bigger pattern collection than I had?  And, of course, now it's all here.  I've donated so many of her old patterns...most for clothing...but some will also be added to my shop.  Some are just timeless designs.  Some are just fun retro looks.  Maybe shoulder pads will come back one day...could happen!  I'd have just the right pattern then. 

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