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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Patchwork Pincushions

Little pincushions like this have been one of my favorite sewing accessories since way back in the 1970s.  I was very into patchwork piecing & quilting back then.  I still love it & have been bitten by the sewing bug again.  My first little project is hand piecing & sewing these pretty patchwork pincushions.  They are my adaptation of the Grandmother's Fan pattern and are stuffed with sand.  The sand helps to keep your pins & needles nice & sharp.  They are incredibly sturdy and I've been using mine for over 40 years.  They still hold up & add a nice pop of color to my sewing area.
Every single stitch on these pincusions is lovingly done by hand.  No machine sewing...just hand stitching...one tiny stitch at a time.  I find this stitching time quite relaxing, actually.  The fabric is very good quality cotton calico...some vintage and some more recent...and all quite pretty.
These first 3 pincushions are now available to purchase in my Etsy Shop.  They make great little gifts, or maybe you need a touch of pretty color for YOUR sewing area.  I'm headed back to my studio...the fabric is calling me!


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