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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mardi Gras !!!

The other day I received a wonderful package in the mail.  It was the charms from our Mardi Gras swap in the ArtCharms Yahoo group.  I adore Mardi Gras after living in Texas for a couple years...and had to play in this swap so I'd have a bracelet of Mardi Gras charms.  I love all the purple, green & gold...and I'm thrilled there were masks & a King Cake & babies from inside the cake, too.  This bracelet is a real celebration of Mardi Gras!
I'll be cooking at home as usual...a nice pot of Shrimp Etouffee...so we'll celebrate in the best way ever...by eating & enjoying the holiday. 
BTW...we enjoyed some fabulous Chinese take out on Sunday to celebrate the Lunar New Year...it's the Year of the Snake.  I'm thinking I'll make Phil some Chicken Piccatta for Valentine's Day.  We used to go out to enjoy holidays like this...but it's too damned COLD here in Ohio...so I'd rather cook what I can & get take out for the rest.  I give up on trying to cook Chinese...I can't do it as well as this wonderful Chinese restaurant we found here.  I just have to trust that when I ask for no MSG, they actually do it.  Usually, they get it right.
So...HAPPY MARDI GRAS to all y'all!


  1. Oh I love the little mask. Hope you are staying warm

  2. Thanks, Peggy...that was one of the swap charms...not my creation. It's gorgeous!

    YOU stay warm, too...I don't even go out in the cold as then I struggle to breathe.


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