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Thursday, February 7, 2013


We got a recumbent exercise bike for Christmas/Hanukkah.  Phil is using it at least every other day...I'm still struggling to breathe, so I'm not on it much...yet.  However, it's a favorite perch for Sunny when she wants to PLAY!

We have these little foam discs from a "gun" that shoots them as it makes obnoxious noises.  Luckily, throwing the discs is just as much kitty entertainment as the "gun" is.  You can see Sunny watching a disc as it moves toward her in the pic above.

This is what happens when she misses it.
But most of the time she catches those blasted foamies...or she swats them across the room.  This kitty should try out for the Kitty Olympic volleyball team.
I haevn't been very creative lately...the January crud really got me down.  Good news is the cough is gone & I'm starting to feel almost human again.  Hopefully I'll have some art to share soon.

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  1. Hello you sweet things you!!! Feel better soon, Debbie, thinking of you :) LOVE that precious kitty so much, hugs,


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