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Saturday, November 9, 2013

We rescued kitties...and you can get 20% off in my Etsy shop!

Meet Gracie & Fluffer.  Their full names are Amazing Grace & Fluffer Nutter.  These 2 little sweeties were born in our back yard about 4 months ago.  Gracie...the little gray calico...is a girl.  Fluffer is a boy.  Gracie & Fluffer are now a part of our family...even though Sunny Cat is none too sure she likes this idea.  Since these little ones were outside for so long, they had to get antibiotic shots today & will need to go back for their vaccinations...as well as being spayed & neutered.  The photo is a bit dark as they have to stay in the basement for now...but it's warmer than outside!  We still plan to rescue their momma & brother or sister...but we can't keep those two.  Our Sunny Cat isn't thrilled to have 2 strangers living in her basement for now...but we'll introduce them slowly after the kittens are healthy.
Since we really don't have the budget for all this additional expense...and I am trying to find a way to help out...I'm offering a coupon code in my Etsy shop...KittenCreates.  When you use coupon code KITTIES20 at checkout...everything in my shop can be purchased at 20% off...before shipping.  I have a nice assortment of vintage items as well as my hand dyed ribbons & tags...handcrafted ornaments & jewelry...destash from my studio.  I'll be adding more one of a kind treasures as the month goes on.  There are no exclusions to this sale...and it will continue through the end of November.  Perfect timing for the holidays!
This is Gracie before we were able to rescue her with the help of the wonderful people at Lucky's Angels...a cat rescue in Seven Hills, OH.  She's asking you to shop to help her if you can...she sure does like to eat!  I put two food bowls out so they each have their own...tonight she ate from one...then the other...then back to the first...I think she likes living inside! 
Please come see if I have something that would be great gifts for the special people in your life...and help the kitties.  It's all waiting at KittenCreates on Etsy
I also donated some of these kitty cat ornaments...and the angels below...to Lucky's Angels so they can use them to raise more money to help them rescue more kitties. 
They were thrilled & I really hope they are successful with their fundraising.  If you want to help them directly, their website is here.  If you are in the Cleveland area...they have lots of gorgeous kitties who want to have a forever home...as a member of your family.

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  1. I love the name Fluffer Nutter! I stocked up on Fluff before moving away from Maine because you can't get that stuff in NC and I can't go back to living without Fluffer Nutters. :)


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