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Friday, November 15, 2013

Kitten update...

Last Sunday we were able to rescue Peanut Butter...or Peanut...from our backyard.  He's the last of the kittens...now we just have to capture their Momma & our mission will be complete.  Little Peanut was very scared until yesterday when I was able to get this pic of him...and this one...
He goes to the vet on Saturday & then we can put him in with his siblings, Gracie & Fluffer.  I'm headed downstairs to spend some time with these guys...so they can move upstairs soon with Sunny Cat & be one happy family.  We're not sure we can keep him, too...but with that face & his purring while he's playing...who knows. 
Remember the sale continues in my Etsy shop...purrrrrrrrrrrrrfect timing for Christmas gift giving.

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