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Friday, November 1, 2013

Life in Parma, OH just got a little bit better...

Maybe this should be on my very neglected food blog...but since good BBQ is an ART, I'm putting it here.  On an all too rainy & windy Halloween, we went to the first day open for one of our favorite Texas BBQ places...Dickey's Barbecue Pit

I can't even describe how good the air smelled as we hurried to the door.  Being their first night open, service was a bit slow, but we were having fun talking to the franchise owner & others who were waiting in line.  At Dickey's, you order your meats first & watch the guy cut & weigh them for you...then go down the line to get your sides & drink cup.  Phil had the sliced beef brisket & pulled pork...with cole slaw & mac & cheese.  I had the Barbecue Honey Ham & Beef Brisket...with fried okra & fried onion tanglers, which are thin onion rings.  We were a bit disappointed that they had run out of the Turkey Breast...our favorite...but that's what happens at any TX BBQ place...when it's gone, it's gone until they smoke more.

The meat was nice & flavorful, although just a bit on the dry side.  The sauce made up for the dryness & I'm sure things will improve as they go along.  The flavor is wonderful!!!  There are vats of 3 sauces that are heated...so you can choose to add sauce if you want to.  We opted for some of their original sauce on the side & they also had a sweet sauce & a spicy one.  You can get your beverage in a Big Yellow Cup...which we did, of course.  They have their own Iced Tea...Miss Ollie's Tea...which you can get sweet or unsweet & you can even get a gallon to go.  I'm an unsweet tea girl...so I was happy they had it.  Their menu is here.  Oh...and if you dine in, you can end your meal with a free soft serve ice cream cone...you serve yourself.  Yum!

We will definitely be going back here...we've missed good TX barbecue, which I think is the best.  If you're in the Cleveland area, take a drive over to Parma...and right next to the Post Office on Day Drive...across from Byer's Field & The Shoppes at Parma, you can enjoy some wonderful TX barbecue.  The address is 7769 Day Drive, Parma, OH  44129 and the phone # is 440.882.3808. 

Maybe we'll see you there!

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  1. We were so excited to find a Dickey's BBQ in Augusta when we moved there last summer! It wasn't NC bbq, but it was the only bbq place we had seen in Maine. Wouldn't you know it, the place closed just a few months later. :) I miss Maine terribly, but I have to admit, we've been loving the close proximity to NC bbq since moving - we've probably had close to a dozen sandwiches in the last three weeks. :D


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