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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another quilt inspiration

Years ago I wanted to make a Tumbler Quilt but never did get around to it.  One day as I was working in my Etsy shop, I decided to look to see if anyone sold a Tumbler template...and sure enough...I came across this one & ordered it right away.  Fast shipping & excellent quality...I'm quite happy with it.

The tumbler measures just 2.5" from top to bottom, so it can be cut from lots of little scraps of fabric.  It is designed to fit exactly on a Jelly Roll, too.  Since I have tons of quilting cottons in my collection, I've decided to make my quilt out of an assortment of different fabrics, alternating lights & darks. 

The little sampler above was cut & stitched...by hand...in a day.  I simply pulled out 2 dark & 2 light prints & got to work.  I sure don't want a quilt that is all shades of brown...but I believe this little sampler will be made into a pillow.  I'll probably add a couple different brown/beige borders, then make the final border & the back of the pillow blue.  There is a bit of blue in the one light print, so it will all tie together nicely.  I've always loved the color combo of brown & blue...even my Arabia hand painted stoneware is brown & blue & we use it daily.

I'm still working on my Grandmother's Flower Garden, but I think this will give me a nice diversion from that small, intricate patchwork.  I'll have more pix of my flowers for that quilt soon...I'm having so much fun doing hand sewing this winter...and it's something I can continue to do in the summer, too...sitting outside piecing fabric...a girl can dream.

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  1. This tumbler is very pretty. I like your fabric choices. Creative Stitching Bliss...


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