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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The only flowers around here...

...are the ones I'm piecing for my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.  I'm discovering it's quite the challenge to do any sewing or artwork with 3 kittens who want to "help"...but I'm trying my best.
I'm really loving both the original 1930s prints & the reproduction ones that I have gathered for my quilt.  The fabric above is from the 1930s...it was some of what I have from my Grandma.  I love that the color is almost the same as Pantone's Color of the Year...Wild Orchid.  What goes around comes around...at least I think that's how that saying goes.
This vibrant orange & lime green print is a reproduction.  I love the geometric design.  It has lots of movement...wish I had more of that fabric, but I don't.  Oh well...I love it & used it...and it will be in at least one more flower in my quilt.
And I couldn't resist combining the old with the new to get this wonderful flower.  I'm really liking the 2 print flowers more than the ones where I combine a print & a solid.  Both variations will have a home in my quilt one day.
Circles are design features in both fabrics...and are always a favorite of mine. 
I wasn't sure how this sort of brickwork print would translate into a flower...but I like it.  Having a variety of prints in my quilt should make it very interesting.  While I love patchwork quilts made with a deliberate placement of fabrics & colors, I think the most interesting ones look as if they've been made from whatever scraps are available. 
So these are just some of the flowers I've been creating lately...in the dead of winter...hoping they'll help cheer me up until the real spring flowers arrive...hopefully soon!

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