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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Cleaning...

Well...the calendar says it's Spring...but the cold temps & gloomy skies say Old Man Winter just won't leave us alone.  I'm considering making an Old Man Winter Voodoo Doll to make him suffer as he makes his exit.  I still can't believe we were stupid enough to move back to OH when we were happy & warm in southern CA...but that's what happened. 
Since it's still way too cold for me to venture outside, I'm doing some spring cleaning in my studio & clearing out supplies I no longer use.  One big part of this is my rubber stamp collection.  I have way over the legal limit of rubber stamps...and many of them need new homes.  Quite a few of my stamps are from companies that have since gone out of business...so these are images you won't find in too many places. 
The botanicals above are from Rubber Stampede.  They are among the first stamps I ever bought...and they make lovely note cards or greeting cards.  I'm still waiting for the crocus to bloom in our front lawn...I see their green leaves among the dead grass, but no pretty flowers yet.
I've listed some background stamps...this large music one is great to use as a background for vintage photo cards...or on an art journal page.
Conversation hearts...another great stamp that makes a great Valentine or Thinking of You card.
A very funny image for a New Baby card...this still makes me laugh!  It's hard to read, but it says "Ten fingers, ten toes and one Healthy set of Lungs!  Congratulations to the Lucky Parents".
Sweet bluebirds on a twig heart...this one can be used for so many things...but it's one I don't use anymore...and it's by Uptown who is also out of business. ***SOLD***
I've even listed Christmas stamps...it's never too early to start creating for Christmas.
If you're in the market for some new to you rubber stamps...many that you won't find elsewhere...please stop by my little Etsy shop...Kitten Creates.  With another week ahead of winter weather...I'll be adding even more images to the assortment. 
Thanks for visiting...and if you have any pull with Old Man Winter...tell him to get out of here!!!  He's not welcome anymore.

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  1. please stab your voodoo doll for me, Debbie - we´ve had some frosty days again here, and we both need more sun and higher temperatures!


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