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Saturday, July 5, 2014

I'm still here...

I've just been a bit preoccupied making yo-yos...lots of yo-yos.  I've even started to sew some of them into a pillow top.  I should manage to get that finished sometime next week.  We've had some wonderful weather, so I'd rather be outside than inside at the computer...but I thought I'd share a bit of what I've been up to since last time I posted.  New pix of the garden will come soon...things are growing like crazy!
These little guys are so quick to make with that yo-yo maker...and it's fun to use some scraps in this way.  No matter what the print...even some I'm not too fond of...looks great as a yo-yo.
The "extras" are in a large Mason jar on a shelf in my studio...I love the riot of color.  I'm lucky I found a stash of old Mason jars in the basement...they now hold craft supplies.
I won an auction for this aqua fabric with duckies on it...duckies with little sailor hats...who could resist?  He'll be the outer flower on another block soon.
This one is a combination of vintage & new reproduction fabric.  The aqua & black & white fabric in the center is vintage from my Grandma's fabric...I only had enough for 6 hexagons, but at least it will be in my quilt.  The pattern of dots & stripes is quite optical...and I thought it went well with this bright pink feed sack fabric.
That's it from the creative department for today.  It's too nice outside to stay in here...see ya when the weather turns ugly next week.
Oh...and a Happy 4th of July...we had bratwurst with grilled onions & peppers and some yummy potato salad for our celebration dinner...then saw some fireworks that were set off around out house.  The tall trees make it hard to see them, but it was the thrill of the hunt...and we saw a few...along with a lot of fireflies...nature's little fireworks.

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  1. Love the yoyos and those jars are perfect for storing them. You can still see all the lovely fabrics.


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