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Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Garden Update

Our little backyard garden is loving summer.  The marigolds are blooming their little hearts out...and I'm saving some of the seeds when I dead head them. 

Some creepy crawly is eating away at the leaves of the Brussels sprout...but so far is leaving the sprouts alone.  I've started to cut the lower leaves off to give those yummy sprouts room to grow. 
This is the largest of the pimento peppers...they need to turn red to be at their best, so it will be awhile before we can harvest them.  I can almost taste the pimento cheese already.
The jalapenos are getting bigger each day.  With the cooler than usual summer, there aren't as many as in years past...but with so many plants, we'll have plenty to enjoy.
It turns out one of the jalapeno plants is not a jalapeno.  It's a mystery as to what exactly it is...but I'm thinking maybe it's a Serrano...which would be great.  These peppers are longer & a darker green than the jalapeno.  That's a little bell pepper hiding in back of one of the leaves. 
The tomatillo is still blooming & there are lots of the little husks that will have tomatillos inside...or I hope they will.  I read that you need 2 plants to get fruit...but I'm thinking positively because these certainly look like they're doing ok.  The leeks & green onions are thriving...we'll have a wonderful harvest this year & I'm already planning for even more pots next year.
And finally...we have a lovely patch of Queen Anne's Lace blooming by a big rock along the driveway.  I love how they look, so we're letting them grow.  It turns out they make long lasting cut flowers for indoors...who knew?
They're so pretty & delicate...just like lace.  Hard to believe they're actually a weed...but they're welcome in my garden.
I hope you're enjoying your summer, too.  It's actually quite cool here today...but the sun is out & the humidity has gone away.  There are 3 kittens sleeping in our bed...I think it might be a good afternoon for a nap...they're inspiring me!


  1. I've been thinking about doing some container gardening while we rent, but it hasn't seemed worth the work to get so little harvest. However, you seem to have a lot of veggies growing there - can you tell me how much you get from a pot? Especially the Brussels sprouts?

  2. Even the bugs don't like Brussel Sprouts! LOL

  3. I´m glad to see that you do not only have a hard winter but also a great summer, too!


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