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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pretty Flowers

I've been struggling with some asthma issues here...the humidity always does this to me.  But I have been able to sit & piece some more flowers for my quilt when I can't sleep...at least I've been somewhat productive.

I've even been able to cut out hexagons when the kittens are sleeping...or when I close the door to my studio so they can't get in!  I'm sewing the center round of the flowers as soon as I cut the fabric so I know which ones I've used.  One of these days it might be time to count them all again.  Here are the centers I've made lately...
I'll be concentrating on finishing more full flowers next...I have quite a few centers matched up with their second round of prints.  I'm also slowly sewing lots of yo-yos into a pillow top...I've found that while I love making the yo-yos...sewing them together is quite BORING...oh well...I'm plugging away at it & I'm sure I'll be more inspired after I have my first pillow done.

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  1. I am sorry to hear your asthma is making you not feel well. Thankfully you are able to stitch lovely hexie flowers. I am finally recovering from our major trip and being sick. Summer Shimmers and Creative Bliss...


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