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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Kitty Cats!

It's hard to believe that these little kittens are now a year old!  This pic was taken in September 2013...and they were 2 months old then.  We first heard them crying under our bedroom window on July 9, 2013...so that's what we use for their birthday.  Here you see Gracie in front...looking west...and her brother Peanut under the table.  Their momma...LB...is cleaning Fluffer.  It was hard to get pix of all 3 of these little critters together...it still is! 

Here they are with their very tired momma from around that same time.  Two months later, we were able to catch the kittens & start their new lives indoors.  Their momma evaded capture...she would go into the trap, eat the food...and escape again.  Sadly, she didn't make it through the winter, even though we kept trying to catch her.  One day she just stopped coming around.  Hopefully she knew her kittens were safe...and getting quite spoiled!
So on their first birthdays...here is Gracie...or Itty Bit.  She's such a cutie...and gives her brothers a run for their money.  She's my "helper" whenever I try to take pix for my Etsy shop...and she loves to play with your hand or anything she can grab.  We think she'll always be a small cat...she was the runt of this litter for sure.  She has grown up to be such a pretty girl.  There's an exclamation point hiding under that chin...adorable.
And here's Peanut...or Peanut Butter...or Big Boy...or Little Man.  He's a solid cat...not fat, but quite muscular & solid...definitely the biggest of the trio.  His nose is often scratched as he teases Gracie all the time...and she takes care of him.  He's always got a worried look on his face...and he's my shadow.  He wants to be everywhere I am.  He's a lover boy.  He's also got a short stubby tail...about 2/3 of what it seems like it should be...but it's adorable...just like he is. 
And waking from a nap...here's Fluff....or FlufferNutter....or Spider Cat.  He would not look at the camera for me...this was the best I could do.  He's a little boy...much smaller than his brother...but he's usually the one to start the chases...and the trouble!  He's a spider cat...our curtains are now perforated with kitty claws from him climbing up them right to the top.  The other night he was climbing on the quilt that hangs on the wall in back of our bed.  Such a Monkey! 
Happy Happy Birthday to our little Munchkins...and here's to many more!


  1. How cute! Happy Birthday Kitties! {achoo!}

  2. Love that you 'rescued' your sweet kitties! Happy Birthday to them :)


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