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Friday, September 5, 2014

A Swap for All Seasons...wrapping it up

This was the end of A Swap for All Seasons...it's hard to believe we've been swapping for a year already.  I received these cool cards from my partner, Wendy of The Frog Palace.  I love spiders & cats...so the cards are perfect. 

These are the tags she made for me.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays...although it was better in Southern CA where it was warm at the end of October.  Living in OH ruins all the autumn/winter holidays for me.  Escape from here is a high priority!
Luckily I have kitty friends to cheer me up.  This is Peanut...he was fascinated by the goodies Wendy sent my way.  I was eventually able to get him to leave the table so I could actually show you the fun goodies.
As you can see...there are fascinating kitty toys in here!!!  Those little figurines are the temptation.
I haven't seen this toy since I took that photo...it will surface one of these days...this swap was definitely kitty approved.  Gracie ran off with the burlap rose and hid it...she's rather possessive.
All of these sparkly goodies were just too tempting...and this is the best photo I could get.  Since sparkles aren't on the kitty diet...these were quickly put away for safe keeping.  Thanks, Wendy for all the swap goodies...and Peanut thanks you, too!
The partner I sent to was Sally...of Sally Annie Magundy Homemade.  The wrapped goodies above are what I sent her way...and quite honestly, her pix of what I sent to her are so much better than mine...so visit her blog here to see what I created for her.
Swapping is always so much fun...I don't do it very much anymore as I'm preoccupied with my quilting these days...but it's a good idea to play a bit every now & then.
Have a very creative week ahead...and take time to play!

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  1. Swapping Halloween goodies is such a fun way to share the spirit of the season. I really enjoyed Linda's ASFAS. Great gifts both sent and received. Creative Bliss...


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