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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm a lucky girl...

Take a look at this treasure that arrived in my mail the other day.  Piles of 1930s reproduction prints! 

So many pretty prints that I had never seen before...and I have quite a collection of 1930s prints. 
These are the larger pieces...a beautiful rainbow of colors...all from my quilting friend Donna.  Donna is making a Dresden Plate quilt in 1930s prints and these were the "scraps" she had left over.  Since she didn't want to do another 1930s project...she gifted them to me! 
I had already finished cutting the hexies for my quilt...but I'm going to have to use some of her prints, too...these fun cats were the first to get cut & pieced...I love them!!!
Donna's blog is Quilted Chocolate...don't you LOVE the name?  You should visit her for great inspiration.  Thanks so very much Donna...I'm honored to include some of your prints in my quilts.  They will definitely all be in my Tumbler quilt one day.
I finished some other flowers this week, too...I love this one with all violet prints.
All blues here...the floral is another one from my Grandma's stash. 
This last one for the week is one of my favorites.  It's so bright & lively...and I love the purple & orange with just a hit of acid green. 
The mail lately also held some fabulous Halloween treasures...I'll post about those later in the week after I can get a good pic outside...it's too rainy & cold to do it now.  I've also been at the sewing machine a lot this week...getting those Christmas & Hanukkah gifts started. 
Have a great week...I'm linking up at Kathy's blog again with the others enjoying some slow stitching.  It's a great place to visit for some awesome eye candy. 


  1. YOU LUCKY!!! What a wonderful friend to gift you all that vintage fabric yumminess! Enjoy!

    I've having a little GIVEAWAY ... Happy week to you!

  2. How very sweet and generous of your friend to gift you with her 1930s fabric scraps. Your Hexie flowers are beautiful. Creative Vintage Bliss...

  3. What a sweet gift! Your flowers are so pretty.

  4. Hi sweetie!! Such a wonderful treasure of old fabrics-I'm so excited for you! I hope all is well with you and your babies (and Phil!). Hugs :)

  5. Such beautiful flowers! And what a generous gift of lovely scraps!

  6. Debbie, You are so welcome. Seeing these familiar fabrics on your blog makes me smile. Can't wait to see these fabrics in your projects. Enjoy!

  7. Having done a dresden in prints like this before I am just swooning over all of the ones that she sent you. How nice!!! :)


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