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Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Goodies!

Are these a hoot or what???  My friend Kathy sent these ZOMBIE Flamingos to me...and I love them!  We had pink flamingos in the back yard earlier in the year...they have since flown over the fence to the next door neighbor's yard where he has a flock of faded out older flamingos.  They wanted to join his flock.  Now these guys are in our back yard.  I only wish we could wire those eyes to glow when it gets dark.

They sit outside just off the driveway so we can see them when we look out the windows.  They'll have to come inside after it starts to snow...but we may need some snow zombie flamingo pix first.
I also received a wonderful surprise package from my friend Sally in CA.  We met during a Halloween swap and have kept in touch since.  Lots of fun Halloween goodies & a fun card.  The highlight of the package was that black & white skull fabric...yes, fabric!!!
Kathy also sent me an early birthday gift...those Halloween spoolies.  They're perfect by the kitties that sit out all year long.  I can't possibly pick a favorite...but that skull is awesome...notice the spider!  I adore the eyeball...and of course it's a bit hard to see, but the purple one has a bat flying above it.  Perfect for a bit of Halloween in our living room.
BIG HUGS and THANKS to both Kathy & Sally...you've made me very happy & feeling a bit more like Halloween is just around the corner. 


  1. Hi Debbie! So glad you enjoyed your stuff! Love your skelly flamingoes, so much fun. DOTD is nearly here - we usually get marigolds and pan de muerto and do a sort of altar but time has really gotten away from me this year.
    What great spoolies, what a fun gift and so great with your kitties.
    Happy almost Halloween!

  2. Love your zombie birds, they are so awesome - I've never seen something like that. Now they're on my wish list! :-)


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