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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

National Fluffernutter Day

Happy National Fluffernutter Day!  I realize a Fluffernutter is technically a sandwich made with peanut butter & marshmallow fluff on white bread...but the little monkey cat above is also Fluffernutter.  We just call him Fluff...or Monkey...he's our climber. 

I caught him the other day having a grand old time on a rack of my bumming around clothes...he thought this was the place to be!  I do believe he was contemplating a jump to the ceiling fan...but I pulled him down before THAT could happen.
Who would have thought this adorable kitten would become such a monkey???  His coloring is why he's named Fluffernutter...peanut butter & marshmallow cream.
And here's a rare sight in this house...all 3 of the kids sleeping peacefully together...usually they're pushing each other off these boxes so they can have the prime real estate...as if it's the only place to sleep in this house.  Silly cats!
So Happy Fluffernutter Day...I'm passing on the marshmallow fluff in that sandwich...too sweet for me...I'll just hug little Fluff instead!

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  1. Ah, man, I wish I had known it was National Fluffernutter Day! Jed actually mentioned having one today and I suggested something else. He's pretty bummed too. :)

    I didn't know a fluffernutter had to be served on white bread - we use whole wheat. Because obviously we have a healthy diet. hehe


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